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ALSTEL BUILDINGS are exactly that, ALL STEEL. Our buildings are 100% steel, we DO NOT use wood. We also do overhead door framed openings, window framed opening and personal door & framed openings. Additionally, our trusses are 6' on center or less and all structural joints are bolted together for rigid metal-to-metal contact which eliminates the flex and structural defects often found in pole buildings. Advantages to ALSTEL BUILDINGS include:

ALSTEL BUILDINGS gives you all the advantages of a metal building for what you would pay for a post frame structure. The value of your investment couldn't be better!

  • We use 6" gutter
  • We use all steel doors and steel framing
  • We use 5" base trim to seal around concrete slab
  • We use 14 gauge framing
  • We anchor to concrete slab every 3 feet
  • We offer a 40 year warranty to our 29 gauge sheets
  • ALSTEL BUILDINGS also come in a variety of colors. Please click the image below to enlarge the selestions and to also see a detail of the method used to apply the colors to the steel.

    Premier General Contactor



    We have expanded our colors and have added some new material upgrades. This section will be updated and provided shortly. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.